How to Use the iPhone X for Beginners

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You can use the Iphone in the cold

You can use the Iphone in the cold

All owners of mobile devices with touch screens are aware of the problem of cold weather. When being in gloves it is not possible to use a smartphone. And each time, to dial a phone number or view information in the phone book, you have to take off the glove. At first I solved this problem by buying my mitts. But in cold weather and their hands froze.
And once on the Internet, I came across an advertisement for Iphone Iglove touch screen gloves. They differ in that there is a special rubberized layer on the fingertips, to which the touch-panel responds. Of course, the model itself is not distinguished by exquisite design solutions, but somehow you don’t pay much attention to this.
Universal size.
Simple design.

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You can use the Iphone in the cold

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