The Best Scenes of Historical Drama Movies (part 1) [HD]

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Review addedJanuary 28, 2014authorKakProsto

Wonderful movie about war

Wonderful movie about war

"August the Eighth" is one of the strongest films about the war in South Ossetia that I have seen. I liked the movie all. Here are selected wonderful actors who brilliantly acclimatized in their roles.
The plot of the film clings, makes us experience those terrible days of war with the protagonists and keeps in suspense throughout the entire viewing. The special effects are also on the level, they seemed to me no worse than in Hollywood films.
After watching, I went under the impression for a couple of days. This is a stunning film that deserves the highest rating.
The plot touches the soul.
Awesome acting game.
Special effects on the level.

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Wonderful movie about war

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