Nvidia Debunks Conspiracy Theories About Moon Landing

Why people were not on the moon

Having flown several days, the lunar landing module with astronauts on board landed in the Sea of ​​Peace. Neil Armstrong and his crew first came to the surface of the moon, where the flag of the United States and a sign about the expedition were set. However, after some time, newsreel footage and photographs began to cause confusion among specialists in various fields of knowledge.
On the very first frames Armstrong descends the stairs and jumps from the penultimate step to the surface of the Moon. The attraction on the moon is 6 times less than on Earth, so it had to be gently podlunitsya. However, the camera recorded how the astronaut's legs buckled, and he sat down heavily.
Then frames were shown, in which astronauts made jumps upwards. Given the small force of attraction, jumps should have been at least several meters. But the whole world saw astronauts barely breaking away from the surface by 20-30 cm, as if they were jumping on Earth.
The flag of the United States proudly fluttered when the astronauts passed by him, which could not be in a vacuum, due to the lack of atmosphere on the moon.One photograph shows a flag and an astronaut standing next to it, the shadows from the astronaut and the flag fall in opposite directions, as if they were illuminated from different directions.
When landing, a brake engine operated at the lunar module, from which gases escaped, which were supposed to disperse the lunar dust and form a crater, but the images show untouched soil. In addition, the unlit Sun side of the ship, in theory, was supposed to be completely black, which was not observed in real life. The impression of a pavilion shooting with a lot of spotlights, illuminating every detail of the module from all sides.

Video: Inside NASA's Last Moon Mission

I Don’t Believe The Moon Landing Happened
Why people were not on the moon

Why Did We Stop Going To The Moon?
Why people were not on the moon

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