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Why is it better not to install Windows 10 from scratch?

Until recently, it was possible to reinstall the Windows version from scratch, having previously saved all the necessary information on a disk or USB flash drive. The official version of Windows 10 does not require a clean installation and offers users to upgrade without changing their data and removing previously installed programs through their online service.

Owners of licensed Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 should not perform a clean installation of Windows 10 due to the fact that their OS after the upgrade may lose the activation code and become an unlicensed version. When updating software online via the notification center on the Windows 10 taskbar, the license code changes automatically and activation takes place.

The problem of a clean installation of the OS was also noted by the Microsoft developers themselves, who recognized that when updating their version from scratch, the legal keys to past systems will not work to activate the new one. That is why it is recommended to wait for the reserved version and install Windows 10 using the free application from Windows.

If you are confronted with the problem of activating Windows 10 after upgrading from scratch, you need to download and install the version of the operating system you were on before. Then activate it with your existing license key.

After the automatic online update of the reserved Windows 10, users get a new key, which must be remembered and used in case of reinstalling the system from scratch in the future.

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Why it is better not to install Windows 10 from scratch

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