Building an Acrylic Nail WITHOUT a Form or Tip

Why is bad to build nails

Damage to the nail plate

The nail extension procedure includes pre-treatment of the nail with abrasive files. Making this manipulation, the master pursues one goal - to make the nail more rough for better adhesion of the surface with the base layer of the gel. The harm done to health directly depends on the professionalism of the master. For example, a master novice can cut an overly large layer of the nail plate and even make deep grooves. And the more often the build-up is repeated, the more the natural nail becomes thinner. Such a nail becomes fragile, thin and more often susceptible to fungal infection.

Infectious manicure complications

There is always a risk of getting any kind of infection after visiting the nail salon. Of course, in professional cabinets they strictly follow the rules for processing tools after each client or use disposable manicure devices.In small salons or in offices at home the master does not have the ability or does not know how to properly handle the tools. It is better to come to such masters with their own set of nippers and files.

The most "harmless" infection that can be obtained in the cabin is nail fungus. To do this, it is enough just to treat the nail plate with an infected nail file. And given that nails during a manicure are significantly injured, a fungal infection can cause a lot of trouble. And to cure the nail will be quite difficult.

Inflammation of the periungual ridges (the skin that surrounds the nail) is another frequent consequence of visiting a beauty salon. It is associated with trauma to the skin surrounding the nail, poorly processed with reusable tools. Sometimes the developed infection (felon) makes you turn to a surgeon.

One of the most severe infections that can be easily obtained in the nail salon is viral hepatitis B. The hepatitis B virus is extremely stable in the external environment and is not destroyed by various disinfectants. The infectious dose of the virus is very small, getting into a small wound even a tenth of a drop of blood of a patient with hepatitis, will lead to the development of the disease.The risk of getting HIV infection is another reason to avoid questionable manicure rooms.

Skin cancer

Currently popular method of nail gel, hardening under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. After applying each layer of the gel, the client is asked to hold her fingers under an ultraviolet lamp. Often, the total time of exposure with a single building reaches 10-12 minutes. However, not everyone knows that ultraviolet is a carcinogen, that is, a factor leading to the development of skin cancer. Prolonged and frequent exposure significantly increases the chances of getting sick with melanoma. To protect your own health, before irradiation, you should cover the skin of your fingers with a cloth, or at least smear it with a sunscreen with a high degree of protection. In professional salons do not neglect this rule.

Nail trauma

Girls who want to instantly acquire very long nails risk getting their own injury. A very thick layer of gel or a large length of artificial nails create excessive pressure on the natural nail plate, especially if it is thinned. Sometimes it takes only a small additional impact (a blow to the nail, scratching) to get a fracture of the nail plate.Injury instantly causes acute pain and often requires the help of a surgeon.


One more thing...

You should not increase the nails, if you plan a medical examination. The shape of the nails, the color allows the doctor to draw some conclusions about the state of health of the whole organism. For example, nails in the form of watch glasses (convex) speak of chronic lung diseases. Cyanotic nail plates indicate poor circulation, etc. In addition, a black spot under the nail, which arose spontaneously, can be melanoma (cancer). Accordingly, a layer of gel or acrylic will not allow the doctor to conduct a full diagnosis and may significantly complicate the diagnosis.

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Why is bad to build nails

Nail Tips vs Nail Forms
Why is bad to build nails

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