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Why add reflective particles to cosmetics?

Reflective particles refract the sun's rays. Most often they can be found in the composition of decorative cosmetics. As a result, the face does not look so flat, the eyes shine brighter, and the lips appear.
With reflective makeup, you can be confident in their impeccable appearance in any light. The particles react to both the brightness and the angle of incidence of the light.

Coarse grinding

Cosmetics containing coarse particles are called glitters (glitter). Traditionally, it has the appearance of clear jelly with the addition of bright sparkles. Although there are glitters in the form of a palette of shadows or a dry powder.
Most often, glitters are used to create festive makeup or photo shoots. They can be applied to the cheekbones, eyelids, lips. Dry glitter used in manicure. Glitter hair spray is also considered a type of glitter.
The basic rule when applying glitters: the main thing - do not overdo it.Do not decorate yourself with sparkles from head to toe, even in the New Year. Use them in two or three places, placing accents.

Fine grinding

Reflective particles of fine grinding are called radiant. Unlike glitters, such tools are quite appropriate in everyday life.
The foundation with light-reflecting particles visually rejuvenates the skin, making it porcelain. Small particles reflect light, and wrinkles, bruises, small defects look less noticeable.
Reflective shadows give a look of freshness and clarity. A droplet of nacreous shadows in the inner corner of the eye can make the eyes wider. Older women with deep wrinkles on the eyelids should carefully treat the pearly shadows, they can make wrinkles more noticeable.
Baked shadows also contain reflective particles. Their advantage is that you can use two methods of application. In dry form, these shadows are suitable for day makeup, they will give a slight shade of flicker. And with the help of wet application, you can create a gorgeous evening look. Shadows will find a rich shade with a glossy shine.
Reflective particles are often added to the lip gloss.Due to them, the lips seem plumper and attract attention, sparkling in the sun.


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Why add reflective particles to cosmetics?

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