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Where to go for rehabilitation

Make an appointment with a therapist at the place of residence. The doctor will examine you, ask your health complaints and make a preliminary diagnosis. After that, you will be directed to a specialist for further examination. Most often, it will be necessary to pass basic tests.
Visit the specified specialist along with the results of your analyzes. If the doctor determines a slight deviation from the norm, most likely you will not be sent for rehabilitation, but will be prescribed treatment at home. But if an external examination and tests revealed serious problems, the doctor will write out a referral for rehabilitation to the appropriate medical institution. Even if the condition is deemed insufficiently heavy, try to talk to a specialist and ask him to arrange a referral, if you really need it.
Do not rush to agree to rehabilitation in a medical facility, which the doctor will recommend. Usually patients are sent to hospitals and hospitals at the place of residence,but if, for example, you know a hospital with better service, qualified specialists who treat your disease well, you can be asked to send you there. Usually medical workers in this case go towards the sick. If you have not yet decided where you want to undergo rehabilitation, find out in advance all the necessary information with the help of the Internet or from your acquaintances already facing treatment for such diseases.
Apply for rehabilitation in the medical institution where you were sent.

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Where to go for rehabilitation

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Where to go for rehabilitation

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