how to seduce him with words - are your words powerful

What words excite men

Exciting words: use nuances

Stimulating words are necessary in order to awaken in your blessed strong desire. Properly selected phrase will provide you a gorgeous evening and an unforgettable night. After all, as practice shows, men need women's verbal approval.
For words to reach their goal, they must be spoken at the right moment. And it depends only on you: it is necessary to speak when you feel relaxed and liberated. A man will easily feel at ease and insincerity, so a state of some freedom will help you to be natural.Only at first glance it seems that men are not able to distinguish insincerity and perceive any compliment at face value. If the elect feels a lie, further relationships may become impossible.
If you want to conquer a man in one phrase, try to avoid complex sentences and confusing language. It is best to use a few capacious, meaningful words.Their type depends on the man himself: someone will like frank and passionate statements, others will prefer timid and tender.
Pay attention to your voice timbre. Try to lower it a little, make it deeper. If possible, add a slight aspiration. This nuance will emphasize your sexuality and agitation, which will affect the male state.

Thematic focus of exciting words

Men differ in temperament, interests, way of thinking. That is why one will easily lead something that others will go unnoticed. In order to roughly define the “thematic circle”, try to periodically pronounce words of a different nature (from gentle romantic cooing to foul language). If you notice that the man is nervous, his eyes become clouded, and his speech has become slower or incoherent - you hit the mark.However, some men do not care what you say to him, the main thing is how. A low voice, breathing, your close disposition can knock such a man off balance and arouse him.
To try to excite a man with words should be choosing them from the main “list of topics”.In the first place, psychologists place the focus on the physical merits of a young person. This includes both external moments and manifestations of power. For example, if he moved or moved something, admire how clever / strong / athletic, etc.
The second place among the effective exciting topics occupy hints on the upcoming / past sex. Remind the man of your most unusual or most liked sex. Hint that you want to do it alone.
The third place is given by experts to various vulgarities and rudeness. Thematically, phrases also relate to sex, but the words must be chosen the most explicit and "dirty." For some men, such treatment is the best Viagra.

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What words excite men

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What words excite men

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