How to Grow the Easiest Cucumber that Produces the Most Fruit

What varieties of cucumbers most productive


Varieties for open ground


Late-ripening and fruitful variety, for a season 12-13 kg of fruits can be harvested from one square meter. "Farmer" unpretentious and versatile variety, perfect for both fresh salads, and for canning.


High-yielding hybrid, you can collect up to 15 kg of cucumbers per 1 sq. M. "Alligator" is distinguished by long greens, which grow up to 40 cm. It is resistant to powdery mildew, does not taste bitter.


The main advantages of this variety are fast ripening and high yield. Under favorable conditions, 20-25 kg of cucumbers can be obtained from a square meter. "Herman" has medium-sized fruits, with small pimples, without bitterness.

Greenhouse varieties


The variety is mid-season and high-yielding, it allows to get up to 25 kg of cucumbers per square meter. "Spring" is not subject to many diseases. The maximum possible amount of fruit variety gives it in the greenhouse, although it can be grown in open ground.


This hybrid is a real record for productivity, because with 1 sq. M with proper care, you can collect up to 30 kg of green men. Also, “Perfection itself” can be grown in open soil, but then the yield will be lower.


This is an ultra early hybrid with excellent yield, cultivated mainly in greenhouses. Cucumbers "Buratino" grow medium size (about 8 cm in length), and about 12 kg of fruits can be collected from a square meter of a bed.

The following varieties and hybrids also have excellent yield indicators:"April", "Altai Early 166", "Zozulya", "Masha", "Kustovoy", "Moscow Dude", "Dasha", "Maysky".

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CUCUMBERS, Everything You Need To Know!
What varieties of cucumbers most productive

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