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What to read from the adventure literature?

Usually, in adventure books, the action takes place slowly, without any surprises. Until everything turns upside down and unbelievable prospects, intractable problems or inevitable deaths open up before the heroes. The most popular theme for adventure novels is the theme of space travel. The reader, having simply read the genre of the novel, will imagine uncharted planets, graceful spaceships and a mysterious and endless outer space. That is, half the adventure is already there, the second half depends on the talent, imagination and literary art of the author of the novel.
The good old science fiction of the second half of the twentieth century
Surely for many it will not be a revelation that the peak of the popularity of this genre fell on the fifties and seventies of the last century, when humanity stood on the threshold of space exploration.In those golden years for this subject, a lot of works of space fiction were written. But what kind of novel was written according to the best canons of adventure themes? Undoubtedly, one of the best works is a series of books from the American writer Andre Norton entitled "Queen of the Sun." This work gained popularity thanks to a plot built around the personality of the young graduate of the Space Academy Dane Torson, who suddenly found himself in all the vastness of the mysterious outer space.
He enters the society of a charismatic team of a small spacecraft, whose future and success depends only on their personal qualities and making the right decisions in risky situations. The work is written in the spirit of the adventures of the sea sailing fleet, transferred to space. Monuments of ancient super civilizations, original planets with the local population and fauna, space robbers and much more will be met by a brave team on its eventful, risky path.

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What to read from the adventure literature

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