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What to do at the cottage in April

In early April, gardeners waiting for a lot of work. It is necessary to have time to prune trees and shrubs, airing winter shelters, protect plants from sunburn, sow seedlings, care for perennials and lawn.

Pruning trees in spring

The crown of fruit trees and shrubs must be cut in the period between the melting of snow and the moment of bud swelling. Some gardeners underestimate spring pruning. In fact, this is a very important matter. Thanks to banal pruning, you can improve the quality of fruits and the yield of trees, as well as adjust their growth.
The degree of pruning depends on the age of the trees and shrubs. Equally important is the frequency of pruning. If you resorted to it from time to time, then you have to pretty tricky.


The airing of hydrangeas, roses, rhododendrons, and other thermophilic plants that are sheltered for the winter should be started from the middle or the end of March. It all depends on the weather conditions.For ventilation it is necessary to choose sunny days with positive temperatures. The coating that protects the landing, you must first raise a little and only over time increase the access of fresh air. Sheltered landings should gradually get used to the new temperature regime so that they do not experience stress.

Protection against sunburn and frost

At the beginning of spring the risk of sunburn is great for plants. This is especially true conifers. They burns, as a rule, appear only on the open part of the crown, which faces the sun and is not covered by snow. After the burn, the needles turn red, often taking up most of the crown. To avoid this, do not be lazy to throw snow from the tracks on the bare part of the alpine slide. High conifers, which can not be showered with snow, spruce fir trees will do. It must be fixed on the plant in tiers from the bottom up.

Spring lawn care

For the beginning of March, the alternation of frosts and thaws is typical. Such weather conditions are dangerous for lawns. The snow melted in the sun with the arrival of night frosts is easily covered with an ice crust, which complicates the access of air to the lawn.Due to the fact that the snow has not completely melted, unpleasant bald spots can appear on the lawn. To avoid this, break the ice crust as it appears.

Spring care for perennials

Perennials need special attention when the snow has completely melted. It is necessary to remove dead shoots and leaves from plantings. You should also regularly carry out prevention of diseases and pests of perennials.

Sowing seedlings

Sowing seedlings is another important thing for a summer resident in early spring. The third decade of March is an excellent time for planting many annuals. Keep in mind that the soil for seedlings may have a different composition, but it must be fresh, that is, not previously used for growing plants.

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What to do at the cottage in April

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