Planting Tulips in DECEMBER!!!

What month to plant tulips in the fall


How to store tulip bulbs before planting

The quality of seed depends on its keeping quality during storage, as well as whether the plants will bloom after planting. If the bulbs are damaged, then during storage they can rot, spoil other seeds, as a result, the material will be unsuitable for planting. Therefore, before removing onion bulbs purchased or dug out of a flower bed, it is necessary to sort through them and get rid of sick specimens. As for storage, the main thing for tulips is the average temperature (about 20 degrees, it is at this temperature that the flower bud is laid), low humidity and lack of light.

When to plant tulips in the fall in the Moscow region, Siberia and the Leningrad region

The time of planting tulips depends solely on the weather conditions of the region, and specifically - the temperature. It is best to plant the bulbs when the average daily temperature reaches 10 degrees. Based on the above data and weather forecast, it is possible to calculate the most favorable days for planting a given plant for a specific region.If we take the approximate dates, then in the suburbs you can plant tulips in mid-September-late October (the spread of dates is very large due to the instability of the weather), in the Leningrad region - at the beginning-end of September, and in Siberia - no later than the first days of September.

How to prepare a bed for planting tulips in the fall

The bed for planting tulips should be prepared in advance. The first step is to dig up the soil and, if necessary, fertilize it (it is better to use industrial complex, and if the drugs are not available, you can use humus). After a week or two, you can start planting the bulbs, but just before the seeds are sunk, it is advisable to shed the soil with a disinfecting compound (even a weak solution of potassium permanganate will do).

How and what to process tulip bulbs before planting

Purchased seed before planting must be etched using potassium permanganate or �Fitosporin� or �Maxim� preparations for processing. If the onions look quite healthy, then the first two products can be used for processing, if there are stains on the seeds, then in this case it is worth referring to the last preparation.Just a 20-minute soaking of seed in a disinfecting solution is able to save the culture from death during its rooting.

How to plant tulips in the fall in the open ground

Before planting plants should be sorted planting material into two parts - large and small seeds. Bulbs larger than average (2 or more centimeters) bloom in the next warm season, while small ones bloom through the season. Therefore, if the plans to get a free-flowering flower bed without �bald spots�, only large planting material should be planted in it.

The depth of embedding the bulbs in the ground should not exceed two to three heights of the bulbs themselves. If you bury them too much, then it can negatively affect the culture - the flowering will be late, and the flowers themselves will be small. With insufficient penetration there is a chance to ruin the plants altogether - they will freeze. It is also worth noting that after planting tulips in the fall there is no need to additionally cover them with special materials. The fact is that this plant is not a sissy, it can survive even when planted a few days before the onset of frost. Moreover, planting material that has undergone such tests acquires immunity to various diseases and vagaries of the weather, and blooms much earlier in spring.

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Q&A - When to Plant Tulips
What month to plant tulips in the fall

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What month to plant tulips in the fall

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