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What is the extract from brandy

Domestic classification of brandy

Varieties and types of this drink are distinguished by the alcohol solutions on which the brandy is based. In the domestic industry, the following classification is adopted: those aged for a period of three to five years are called ordinary, and those aged for more than six years are branded. Young ordinary cognacs are marked with familiar asterisks. On the package can stand from three to five stars, which are directly related to the exposure time. Vintage cognacs are divided into several subspecies - aged cognac (six to seven years), aged cognac of the highest quality (eight to ten years), old cognac (more than ten years), very old cognac and collection cognac (here aging can reach up to fifty years ).

French method

French manufacturers have a completely different approach to the production of brandy. Actually, the word "cognac" has the right to be called only the drink, which is made from grapes grown in a particular area.The French exercise strict control and standardization of all types of this drink. Distinguish brandy on the labels on the labels. An exposure of at least two and a half years is marked with the letters V.S., the three-year exposure is indicated by the letters V.O., V.S.O.P - an extract of at least four years, V.V.S.O.P. - five-year exposure, X.O. marks the oldest six year old cognac.
Drinks with a shutter speed of more than six years are outside of this typology. The blending process at such stages is simply impossible to control. The label of such cognacs may contain the names Grand Reserve, Extra, Napoleon. They do not mean a brand, since they belong to a sub-category of classification For example, the word Extra can say that the drink "sat out" in a barrel from two to five decades. A Napoleon label may indicate that this particular brandy was created based on the distillation of white wine.
These are the main age differences of cognacs, which are indicated on the labels. In addition, cognacs are quite different flavors, tastes, color. Each cognac spirit is aged in oak barrels, saturated with aromas, acquires individuality. The "halftones" of brandy depend on the oak species.It can become vanilla, soft, burning, sharp, woody, fruity, plum. May acquire the flavor of cigars, cocoa, and sometimes mushrooms. Most often on the label, the manufacturer indicates a bouquet of flavors of the drink, to facilitate the choice of the buyer. The most popular soft varieties with fruit flavors, burning, hard brandy goes to connoisseurs.

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What is the extract from brandy

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What is the extract from brandy

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