How Tall Are People From Different Countries?

What is the average height of a person?

Average person height

All people belong to the same species, and they are characterized by approximately the same size, fluctuating within a certain norm. The average human height in our time is 165 centimeters: this means that if you take the height of all people living on the planet, regardless of their gender, nationality, health status and other factors and calculate the arithmetic average, you get this figure.
But in fact, growth depends on many factors, the same people do not exist. So, sex has a big impact on body size: men are on average 10-20 centimeters taller than women. Long processes of evolution and adaptation of races to certain conditions led to the fact that different races and ethnic groups have different growths. Thus, the average height of the Chinese is 160 centimeters: men - 165, and women - 155. For Europeans, these figures are higher: about 170 centimeters on average. And even between different nations you can find differences: for example, the Dutch are considered among the highest in Europe: in the Netherlands, the average height of men is as much as 185 centimeters, and of women - 170.
Human growth also depends on environmental conditions. Scientists believe that due to improved quality of life, nutrition, developed medicine, genetic progress and other factors, the average height of a person has grown significantly over the past few hundred years. Two hundred years ago, he was 10 centimeters less than now. Although in ancient times, people were about the same as now - the decline began in the Middle Ages. Perhaps in the future, the average height of people will also change, but it is still unknown which way.

Growth abnormality

A person for certain reasons may have significant deviations from the average height or rate - by several tens of centimeters. For example, on the banks of the Yenisei there lives a nation with the smallest average height in Eurasia - 140 centimeters. In China in the past, there was a village with several hundred inhabitants who were related to each other: their growth averaged 110-120 centimeters. But the lowest people in the history of mankind were representatives of the Onge tribe who lived in the Andaman Islands: they rarely grew above 110 centimeters.
With an increased level of somatropic hormone, the disease gigantism develops - people with this disease can reach more than 200 centimeters in height, and also have impaired body proportions.

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What is the average height for men?
What is the average height of a person?

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What is the average height of a person?

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