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What is free memory

What is free memorization?

The work of arbitrary memory is closely associated with arbitrary attention. If involuntary attention itself is drawn to interesting things and situations, the arbitrary should be sent to yourself. The success of voluntary memorization largely depends on the ability to concentrate, and the right motivation is important. For arbitrary memorization, many mnemotic techniques were invented to facilitate this process. For example, the construction of a word from the first books of a number of concepts that must be remembered.
With an arbitrary memorization, a person must be clearly aware of why he needs information, he needs to ask himself a mindset. Some scientists believe that with involuntary memorization, there are also installations, only they are not conscious. Settings for arbitrary memory can be given for full or partial, accurate or approximate, short-term or long-term memorization. A person learns to give himself these attitudes, starting from primary school age.
When the installation is given on the accuracy of memorization, basically the material is read very superficially, without understanding the meaning. During reproduction, the desire to “see” the learned fragment in memory is characteristic; for this, a person can close his eyes. Sometimes the material being memorized is saturated emotionally in order to facilitate its understanding and assimilation. If the installation is given for completeness of reproduction, pay attention not to individual parts of the material, but to their relationship with each other. For long-term memorization, regular repetition is important.

Features of the work of arbitrary memory

Free memory is influenced by the conditions in which the material is memorized and the individual qualities of the memory. The presence of emotional attitudes and interest, as well as the degree of complexity of the material. Different and motive for memorization, which move a person. For example, the motives may be praise or the opportunity to win the competition.
Arbitrary memorization proceeds as follows. First there is a comprehension of the material, an understanding of its main idea.It is necessary to try to present the read in the form of images as vividly as possible. This is necessary to establish communication between the parts of the read. In parallel, there is a comparison of new information with experience and existing knowledge. Previously unknown is given the most attention. After that, the sequence of associations formed is remembered and fixed in memory with the help of multiple repetitions.

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What is free memory

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What is free memory

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