No-Sew Toy Felt Cupcakes

We sew cakes from felt

In order to sew the felt cakes from your felt, you will needthin felt of different colors (white, brown, pink, purple, beige, etc.), multi-colored beads and beads for decoration, colored threads, needles, scissors, padding material (cotton wool, holofiber, pieces of cloth left over from sewing, foam rubber, and .d.)

We sew a triangular cake

1. Make a cake pattern. If you are making a traditional cake that looks like a slice of cake, note that the pattern of the side of the cake should be equal in length to the perimeter of the upper part (triangle). High side details can be arbitrary.

We sew felt cakes with our own hands just

2. Sew the base of the cake in three pieces (two triangles and a long rectangle) and tamp it tightly.

3. Decorate the cake with narrow strips of felt to imitate the cream applied between the cakes, decorative sprinkles on top. You can also make a simple rosette from above by cutting out a pair of small circles of felt and pulling them off from above with several stitches, imitating a half-opened bud of an unknown flower.

Helpful advice:cakes of another shape (rectangular, round) are sewn in the same way, only instead of a triangle a rectangle or circle is cut out for the base, respectively. The roll is very similar to a round cake, but turned on its side (so that it stands on the table exactly, the side oval is slightly cut off).

Such a cake, if it is small, is perfect as a keychain for keys or a suspension for a cell phone.

Video: Blueberry Felt Cake Tutorial

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We sew cakes from felt

Felt fabric Model Kit - cake
We sew cakes from felt

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