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Vitamins for children in syrup

Vitamins for children in syrup

My baby often began to get sick after a year, especially when they began to drive into the garden for several hours. A friend advised me to give him vitamins to raise immunity. When I asked my pediatrician what is best to give to the child, she recommended the Pikovit multivitamin syrup for children. It can be given to a child of a year, and as a part there is a sufficiently large amount of necessary vitamins.
The syrup is yellowish in color and tastes very pleasant. Comes with measuring spoon and instructions with a detailed description. My baby enjoyed drinking the remedy offered to him. Gave this syrup for more than a month, but did not see any result.I was sick as before, and there were no other changes either. Therefore, I decided not to give it to my child, because These are still chemical vitamins that are not well absorbed by the body.
Pleasant to the taste.
It is convenient to give the child.
As part of a lot of vitamins.
Did not notice any results after use.

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Vitamins for children in syrup

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