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Verbal skirmishes: how not to succumb to provocations

In certain situations and for certain relationships, there is no point in aggravating relations, but to defuse the situation with a cheerful, friendly laugh is the sweetest thing. With that, you "stay on horseback", and the attacker is somewhere there, below.

So, how not to succumb to the provocation, to fail the verbal blow in his own direction and defuse the situation with a general, friendly laugh?

Technique "Boomerang" in verbal exchanges ...- You annoy me - And how annoying you are ... - And you are cool - And how cool you are ... - You, I look, do not put a finger in your mouth - You, I look, also do not put ... - "How you behave ? I can't be upset! - You can not be upset - split in two! " (by type: "I first split in two, and then I get upset about how I split in two ..." quartet "And")

Technique "I'm much worse"- You slothful - No, I'm much worse, moreover, I also have ... problems - I see you are mired in problems - Yes, you ..., everything is much worse ...- You have unreliable partners! - And my friends are even worse.

"What's this…"“Do you remember how you fooled the fool?” “It's what ... that's when I ...” (hereinafter your ridiculous story) - Why did you do this? - It's that, I remember how Pasha somehow did ... (hereinafter ridiculous story about "Pasha").

"So what, but ..."- "You are a fool - So what, but I will pleasantly set off your mind" - "You always make the same mistakes - So what, but I don’t have to strain myself and come up with new ones" - This is stupid - But how flowery .. .

In ancient Greece, Diogenes of Sinop became famous for its ability to kick back. About his antics written in many ancient writings. Before becoming an eccentric and philosopher, Diogenes was engaged in minting coins. But he was soon convicted of circumcision. Later, the enemies repeatedly reminded him of this “sin of youth”. “So what,” Diogenes answered them, “as a child I not only cut the coins, but also urinated into bed!”. Detractors once reproached Diogenes in that he visits the low-lying and indecent places. “So what,” said Diogenes. - And sometimes the sun looks into the cesspool. But it doesn’t get dirtier from it ”(from the book by Igor Vagin“ How to put the interlocutor in place. Methods of verbal attack ”).

The ability to easily, and most importantly, funny, to talk about their shortcomings, disarms the enemies - why should you continue to cling, if you do not cling (and there is nothing to cling to).

We continue ...Prevention of verbal hitting ...Verbal attacks can not only be reduced to the absurdity, but also to preempt, bypass, pronouncing in advance what they want to say in response, to object.

“You have entered and are starting now ...” “Take it away, do it ...” - Yes, yes, I know what you think about it: “What a pig came here ...”, moreover, I know that you continue tell me ...

Technique "Would you like ..."- "What is quiet? - And you would like me to be mad?" - "And you are a sly ... - Well, and that, and you would like me to be a little weaker?" - "You're a miser! - Would you like me to be forced to beg?" - "In my opinion, you drink too much! - would it be better if I ate a lot?" - "What do you walk like gnawed? - And would you like me to walk like a bitten?"

Technique “Better that way than that ...”- “Your fly is unbuttoned! - Better unbuttoned fly, than unbuttoned wallet” - You do not have a haircut on your head, but a dustbin! - Better cesspool on your head than in your head! And also: - I do not believe it! - And I also can not believe - Alexander spoke about you,that you are a complete idiot ... - Come on ..., did you really beat him in the head? - You only think about yourself! - Yes, who else should I think about? - You're a jerk - Yes, no, I'm not a jerk, just today the mood is kind of playful. Why are you so serious? - Girl, I saw you somewhere - It is quite possible that I often go there ... - "You chat too much on the phone! - It's good that I have someone to chat with ..." - "It looks like you forgot during the operation put the brains back in! - Yes, and since then I have the perfect weight. "

Technique "Enable Fool"- You are a fool - I am treated ... - How did you get fat - And did you notice, too? Today the bridge swung beneath me ... - You are an upstart! - Yes, and I am proud of it ... - Why are you so unsure? “Next to a beautiful woman, I always get lost, blush, shy ...” to talk? - sooner or later, everyone starts to smile ...) - Why are you so unintelligible? - Sorry, I'm stupid today, I don't understand well, it seems to me that what you said is just some sort of words.

- You are not a fool, do not turn it on - Yes, I did not turn it off ... - And you are funny - Yes, I know, they have already said ...

Further, everything is according to the situation ...: you can continue to continue to joke, but you can start talking seriously - throwing questions, taking a ride on the person, making tough suggestions.

Examples from the book by Litvak ME "Psychological Aikido":- You are a fool - As you quickly realized that I was a fool. For so many years I managed to hide it from everyone. With your insight you have a great future! I’m just surprised that the authorities haven’t appreciated you so far!

The scene that occurred on the bus: - How long will you be picking ?! - For a long time - But after all, this is how a coat can fit on my head! - Maybe - There is nothing funny! - Indeed, there is nothing funny (there was a laughter).

Video: The Dalit Massacre of Thangarh, Gujarat

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Verbal skirmishes: how not to succumb to provocations

The Dalit Massacre of Thangarh, Gujarat
Verbal skirmishes: how not to succumb to provocations

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