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Until which month of pregnancy can you play sports

Changes occur in the body during pregnancy, but they do not interfere with sports, especially if there are no contraindications to the doctor. Of course, those women who are not involved in any physical activity before the conception of the baby should not start abruptly, but it is not necessary for women to give up their workouts. In the first months of pregnancy, there will be no particular inconvenience during sports. The stomach is still small. But in the second and third trimester, the situation will change. The uterus increases in size and the mobility of the body is limited. The tummy has stretched and the support of the spine and chest is not so good. There are pains in the lower back, which women so often suffer in anticipation of a child, it is becoming more and more difficult to engage in physical activity.But on the other hand, it is sports that can be a great helper in the fight against back pain. Training will help keep the body in good shape and improve the functioning of the respiratory system and the heart. The main thing is to listen to yourself and not overwork.
Some sports are banned while carrying a child. Scuba diving, diving, skiing, cycling, any team game, where there is a danger of falling - not suitable for pregnant women. Doctors are allowed to do big tennis by women who are expecting a baby under 4 months, but with a condition of moderate exertion. At a later date, this sport is banned, as it requires great muscular effort from the expectant mother.
During pregnancy, preference should be given to such sports as walking, swimming and gymnastics. Walking is useful and safe, but jogging can be done only the first months of pregnancy. Swimming is considered to be an ideal sport during the period of carrying a child. They can do until the end of pregnancy. Swimming improves blood circulation, relieves stress on the spine. In some pools there are groups of aqua aerobics for pregnant women.Such classes are interesting and useful to attend not only in terms of physical activity, but also for communication. Gymnastics is also very useful for pregnant women. And even to those women who previously did not do anything. It is important to understand that it is a question of fitness gymnastics, and not about sports or aerobics. The last two directions to future moms cannot be visited, as they require excessive muscular effort.
As a conclusion, it can be said that moderate exercise is possible even in recent months. The main thing is that the classes give the future mother pleasure, not too tired and do not contradict the doctor's advice.

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Until which month of pregnancy can you play sports

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Until which month of pregnancy can you play sports

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