Cuba, a place to spend an unforgettable vacation.

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Unforgettable vacation in Cuba

Unforgettable vacation in Cuba

The hotel is located on the beach resort of Varadero, on the very sea shore. Vacationers are invited to settle in the rooms of the main building or in bungalows - all rooms are exactly the same. We settled on the second floor of the main building. Our room had two beds, air conditioning, TV, refrigerator. The repair is not new, but everything is in pretty good condition.
The hotel has a swimming pool and various cafes, but most vacationers prefer to relax on the sandy beach. Sun beds and umbrellas are always enough for everyone - the beach belongs to the hotel, only hotel guests relax on it. For children, there is entertainment, but not much: a playground, a swimming pool and animation during the day. Good hotel for a comfortable stay.
Nice beach.
Decent rooms.

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CUBA: The unforgettable (and disappointing) WATERFRONT OF HAHAVA (MALECON)
Unforgettable vacation in Cuba

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