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TV in the bedroom: a whim or need

In terms of health

If you approach the question of the need for a television in a bedroom in terms of health, the answer will definitely be negative. Watching TV often leads to sleep disorders in humans. People get used every night to fall asleep with the TV, they stay up late, and as a result, insomnia develops.
Doctors believe that watching television before going to bed has a negative effect on health and well-being. Feng shui supporters are also opposed to placing a television in the bedroom. According to the principles of feng shui, the TV introduces disharmony into the family and violates its integrity, which further leads to quarrels and disagreements. In the most extreme case, it is recommended to cover the TV screen with a cloth before going to bed.
Very often, a TV in the bedroom causes chronic illness. This is primarily due to the tension of the muscles of the body when watching the exciting films or TV shows.All this leads to a violation of the body's immune defense and the development of chronic diseases of various kinds.
In addition, people prefer to watch TV in the supine position, while the angle between the body and head is 90C. This situation quickly leads to overstressing of the neck muscles and the premature appearance of wrinkles on it.

TV as an element of decor

Modern trends in interior design suggest non-standard solutions. Some people place stylish thin TVs in the bedroom as a piece of furniture. In this case, turned off the TV will look like a black square, which will look good as a decorative element in the interior of the bedroom.
If you want a TV in the bedroom to serve you as an ornament on the wall, you can choose a special curtain. It can be photos of apartments, houses or various images to your taste. Place the curtain in the frame near the TV. When you press the power button on the TV, it will automatically retract.
The best option for placing the TV will be a place on the wall or on the ceiling.From this viewing angle you can enjoy watching TV without discomfort. It is best if the TV is placed at a considerable height from the level of the bed.
You can attach the TV to the ceiling or on the wall with the help of brackets. Such elements will allow to fix the equipment at the desired height.

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TV in the bedroom: a whim or need

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TV in the bedroom: a whim or need

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