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Treatment of bronchial asthma

�The causes of the development and development of bronchial asthma

Bronchial asthma can occur for a number of reasons. A major role is played by hereditary predisposition. In addition, bronchial asthma often occurs due to the increased sensitivity of the body to numerous stimuli: animal hair, pollen and plant spores, food and beverages, chemicals in the air, perfume and cosmetic products, tobacco smoke. This is an incomplete list of irritants that can trigger the development of asthma.The disease is often caused by the reaction of the body to medicines, waste products of mites contained in dust particles, etc.
Bronchial asthma can occur as a complication after a number of diseases, for example, bronchitis, sinusitis, flu. Finally, a strong fatigue (physical and mental) or strong negative emotions, such as troubles at work or in the family, experienced fear, undeserved resentment, can become the trigger for its development.

�Symptoms and treatment of bronchial asthma

As already mentioned, difficulty in breathing with this disease can vary within very wide limits. Therefore, people often do not even realize that they have bronchial asthma, attributing cough and slight chest tightness to some kind of cold disease. If the cough becomes very strong, and breathing is clearly difficult, especially whistling, it is necessary to consult a specialist. Well, and in the most severe cases, when the attack of suffocation begins, you should immediately call the �First Aid�, as the person is in danger.
If the diagnosis of bronchial asthma has already been made, the severity of the course of the disease and the prospect of recovery directly depend on how accurately the patient and his close appointments with the attending physician perform. It is necessary to learn by heart how to behave during an asthma attack, what drugs, in what sequence and in what dosage to use. You also need to know what side effects each of these drugs may have, and how to minimize them. The inhaler with a therapeutic spray should always be at hand with the patient.Independently choose the therapy and dosage of drugs, without consulting the doctor, it is dangerous to health!
Of the medications prescribed by the doctor, bronchodilators are most commonly used - drugs that relax the walls of the bronchi. In more severe cases, steroids are prescribed. If bronchial asthma is accompanied by any bacterial infection, treatment may include taking pills belonging to the group of antibiotics.
Both the patient and his relatives should immediately tune in to the fact that the healing process will be very long. It is necessary to try to maximally avoid the factors that can trigger the onset of an attack. It should regularly do wet cleaning in the room where there is a sick person, to avoid dust accumulation. If it turns out that the patient is allergic to the fur of domestic animals, sadly, these pets will have to be given at least for a while to relatives or friends. In the room where there is a person suffering from asthma, you can not smoke, as this can provoke an asthmatic attack.
Of course, it is absolutely necessary for the patient himself, if he smoked, to part with this bad habit. After all, tobacco smoke is one of the strongest stimuli provoking an asthma attack! Not to mention the other harm that smoking does to health.
The patient needs to keep himself in good physical shape, lead a healthy lifestyle, often visit the open air (of course, while avoiding hypothermia). In consultation with the doctor, you can go to an area with a healthier climate. For example, during the USSR, many people suffering from bronchial asthma, went to be treated in the Crimea and noted a steady improvement in health.
Experiences, stress - all this should be avoided. The patient needs to worry as little as possible and get as many positive emotions as possible. Close people should not talk with him on sad topics, discuss all sorts of tragic incidents (natural disasters, terrorist acts, the death of friends, etc.), as this can cause strong feelings.
We need to keep a kind of �diary of the disease�, where it is necessary to note the time and duration of the onset of the next asthma attack, the history of development. Based on it, it is possible to draw conclusions about how effective the medications prescribed by the doctor are, whether there is a positive trend.
Disease prevention is the timely treatment of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract.

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Treatment of bronchial asthma

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