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Tip 5: How to learn to do tricks on rollers

Initially, it is necessary to develop a muscle complex. Training requires a different amount of time, depending on the individual qualities of the trainee. On average, you need from 1.5 to 3 years if classes start from scratch.

Basic training exercise

You need to try to stand on his hands, leaning his feet against the wall. The biggest difficulty is the need to stand up to the plane of the wall. At first, you will need the help of another person to secure it.
The development of muscles for self-support against the wall requires from 2 weeks to a month, subject to daily practice. If you ask for a safety net there is no one, you need to do the exercise “bridge”. This posture develops the fundamental muscles that will be needed to stand on one arm.
In the process of training, you should try not to lean your head against the wall, to follow the breath, it should be smooth and free.Once the legs are on the floor, you can not sharply lift your head. It is necessary to gently massage the forehead with his hand and gently rise.

How to remove feet from the wall?

When you can stand upright on your hands near the wall for 45 seconds, you can proceed to the next exercise. You need to slowly move your feet away from the wall. If you manage to hold on to your hands for up to 8 seconds, you should move away from the wall and practice in the center of the room.
You need to put your hands on the floor and raise your legs, as in the previous exercise. It should be borne in mind that the walls are no longer there, and not to make too sharp strides with your feet. The stronger the repulsion from the floor, the faster the force of attraction will be felt. Therefore, the legs should be raised gently and very gently.
Try to stay in the rack on two hands. When it will turn out well, practice the exercise with the legs in the splits. Sometimes a stand with straight legs is obtained only with a strong deflection in the lumbar region.
In order for the body to be even, you should initially learn to do the stand in the splits, without holding your legs behind your back. When it is possible to get stronger in this position, the legs can be gradually reduced, then there will not be a backbeat.You must learn to stand on their hands for up to 45 seconds.

Balancing skill development

It is necessary to train a special position in which the conditions for the development of the muscles necessary for balancing are improved. Muscle complexes develop only in such conditions in which the person has placed himself.
If you want to stand on one hand, and have never managed to do this before, you need to move towards the goal without jerking. Dissolve the legs in the splits, carefully transfer the weight of the body to one arm. One must learn to be held in a stand when the second hand is placed on the fingers. When you manage to hold out for 20-30 seconds, you can train to do the last exercise.

Balancing fingers

It is necessary to lift the fingers of the released hand one by one, starting from the little finger. At the same time maintain balance, do not rush. This exercise is better to do slowly, but correctly.
Over time, keeping the balance, you can only help yourself with the middle and index fingers of the second hand. Then use only one finger, and then gently remove it. When you manage to quietly perform the element within 15 seconds, you need to reduce the legs. As a result, you can learn to stand in a rack on one hand from a standing position.

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Tip 5: How to learn to do tricks on rollers

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