Tip 5: How to give music lessons

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Any lesson has its own structure. Typically, a lesson begins with a test of the knowledge of the previous lesson, then a smooth transition to a new topic, the study of a new material, its consolidation, and receiving homework. And depending on the topic and type of lesson, there is an increase or a decrease in some stage of the lesson or its complete absence is possible.
When drawing up a lesson plan, it is necessary to take into account the fact that an effective lesson will be only provided that the content of the lesson is interconnected with its methodology. As well as the teacher sets the lesson objectives, determines its type, prepares the necessary additional materials: didactic manuals, equipment, selects bright events, interesting facts and excerpts from the literature. Analysis of the lesson helps to determine its effectiveness.
Also, when preparing for the lesson, tasks are set that reflect the methodology of the specific lesson.There are various types of lessons, such as a combined lesson containing all the elements of the learning process on a given topic; lesson learning new material; Repeating-generalizing lesson and control lesson or in another way a lesson of control and examination of knowledge. Therefore, depending on what tasks are set by the teacher -storiesthey will be selected the type of lesson.
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There are certain requirements for modern history lessons:
1. The lesson is built using the latest achievements of teaching practice, taking into account all the laws of the educational process.
2. Implementation of various didactic rules and principles depending on the type of lessons and taking into account the differentiation of training.
3. Establishment of interdisciplinary connections.
4. Providing the necessary conditions for cognitive activity, taking into account the interests, needs and inclinations of students.
5. Motivation and activation of personal development.
6. The use of effective teaching tools teaching.
7. Formation of practical skills that can be useful in life.
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Depending on the age group of students, the types of lessons may vary. In addition, there are non-standard lessons such as lessons in the form of contests, tournaments, quizzes, games, KVN, fairy tale lessons, debates, and so on. Non-standard lessons contribute to the development of cognitive interest, bring diversity to the life of the student. However, the whole educational process cannot be built only from non-traditional lessons. Such lessons are a holiday, and for the holiday you need to prepare and work for a long time.

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Tip 5: How to give music lessons

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Tip 5: How to give music lessons

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