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Tip 3: Strawberry Seed

Most often, seedlings are grown large remontant strawberries. Its seeds can be purchased at a seed shop or from gardeners. Seeds from the store do not need to be disinfected, they have already gone through all the stages of preparation for planting. If the seeds were bought from the hands, then it is worth soaking them for 20 minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Seedlings are planted from late January to summer. In the garden it can be planted at any time until the fall. The main thing that she had time to gain strength for the winter. Also, strawberries can be planted at home and in November. Even overgrown seedlings perfectly "move" to the garden.
Take two cotton pads, moisten them with warm water or a solution of potassium humate. On one disc, fold all the seeds, covering with the second. And leave in a cup or saucer for a day or two. Make sure the discs do not dry out.
Prepare the primer. Let it be light and airy soil mixture for seedlings, in which nothing is added. Place the ground in a container with a lid in which several holes are made.The container must be half full. On the ground, pour snow 1.5-2 cm thick. And on the snow gently with a toothpick lay the seeds. They do not need to bury in the ground in any case! Cover the container with a lid and refrigerate for at least a week. This process is called stratification - when you independently arrange a “winter” for the seeds.
After 7-14 days, you can pull the seed container out of the fridge onto the bright windowsill. Make sure the sun does not fall on the strawberries, otherwise the seeds will dry. Do not open the container cover. It creates a humid climate that will promote seed germination. Watch out for moisture on the lid. If it is too much - open and wipe the lid, ventilate the container. If the moisture is low, then it is necessary to spray the earth from the spray.
When the seeds germinate, the sprouts need to be aired every day. Open the container, starting with a few minutes and until the cover is completely clean. If you open at once for the whole day, then the seedlings can die from an abrupt climate change, because at home the air is much drier. Water the seedlings as they dry, but carefully.It is better to water a teaspoon under each bush, so as not to fill the whole earth. During this period, you will have to wipe the cover dry - sprouts do not like drip irrigation.
When the strawberry will have 3 true leaves, you need to pick it out in separate pots. Let them be small, the size of a small yogurt cup. At the bottom of the glass lay drainage - small stones, river sand or a nutshell. The aquagel, which is widely sold in flower shops, has shown itself well. Then fill the universal ground. Moisten the ground a little and make a small indentation. And then, with a match or a toothpick, transplant the bushes. Do not deepen the plants. Keep the bud with leaves above the ground.
When the street is already warm enough, take the seedlings out into the street. Start at one o'clock and increase your time every day. If at night there are no frosts, and the temperature does not fall below 5 degrees, then you can leave the seedlings at night.
Strawberries can be transplanted to the garden from the end of May until the end of August. Formed during growth, the mustache can be cut off and planted separately. So you will share your strawberries, forming a whole plantation of berries.
Helpful advice
If mold has appeared on the ground, then remove it with a stick.
If the sprout is strongly stretched and falls, then powder the ground.
Do not water the sprouts on the leaves. Just under the roots.
If the strawberry blossomed while still at home, then tear off the flowers. So the bush will only get stronger.

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Tip 3: Strawberry Seed

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Tip 3: Strawberry Seed

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