10 Exercises to Become Taller In One Week

Tip 3: How to do exercises to remove excess fat from the hips

Often the deposition of fat in the knees contributes to the lack of mobility and the absence of any physical activity. Poor blood circulation reduces the body's ability to process and properly distribute fat, hence the flabby muscles and ugly deposits. Therefore - walking or jogging in the fresh air, cycling or exercising on the simulator every week about 2-3 times. Ordinary walks are slower, but no less effective, and they affect the entire figure and legs as a whole, making their shape harmonious and taut. Walking also has a remarkable effect on burning calories and strengthening joints. So walk on foot for about 30-40 minutes every day, it also has a good effect on mood.
Do yoga - it provides muscle stretching, tissue saturation with all the necessary substances and develops muscles.Every morning, start with a 5 minute stretch: just try to bow your head as low as possible to the feet. Perform this exercise as slowly as possible, trying to concentrate your sensations on the pleasant warmth in the muscles and letting go of the pain by relaxing. This exercise will not give instant visible results, however, it will launch transformation processes in muscles and joints and will develop them perfectly.
You can also try the following exercise: sit on a chair with a straight back, strain your leg in the foot, as if making an angle with your lower leg in 90 degrees. Now try to raise your leg several times, straining only the muscles of the knee. Try to use the upper muscles, not the lower ligaments of the knee and thighs! This requires certain skills and concentration, but you will soon get the hang of it and will feel great about your body. At the initial stage, you should perform this exercise first with one, and then with the other leg, but after a while, focusing on the necessary muscles, you will be able to do it with both legs at once. For one approach, try to perform from 40 to 50 movements.

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Tip 3: How to do exercises to remove excess fat from the hips

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