Winter Clothing Hacks You Need to Know

Tip 2: What to wear in winter - a fur coat, sheepskin coat or a down jacket?

Obvious advantages of women's trousers

Modern designers do their best to bring feminine silhouettes back into fashion with the help of beautiful skirts and dresses. However, girls are in no hurry to throw out and clean trousers. After all, beauties have long appreciated their advantages.
First of all, pants are comfortable. This is especially true of jeans and everyday models. Such pants require little attention, they allow you not to think about the condition of your legs, they crumple less. Also, they are much more comfortable to drive or walk with children.Pants - a real magic wand for women. They allow you to dress quickly and move freely, doing your daily activities. Trousers do not hinder movement, which is important in the presence of children and animals.
Secondly, the pants allow you to not get hung up on the appearance. Pantyhose and stockings, mandatory when wearing a skirt, often tear at the most inopportune moment. Also, the appearance is very spoiled tightening.A girl in a skirt should constantly inspect herself to maintain elegance. Pants allow you to save: tights are required less often.
Thirdly, girls say more practical pants than skirts. Pants easier to combine with other items of clothing. For example, with jeans you can wear battered ballet flats or sneakers. Doing the same with a dress or skirt will fail. They will have to pick up the appropriate shoes.
Fourth, in the cold season, the pants warm up better. Mostly it concerns products with a synthetic winterizer, fleece lining, pile. However, in office woolen trousers it will be much warmer to get to work than in a skirt.

Trousers minuses: not everything that is comfortable is useful

It turns out that such a convenient and comfortable thing has its drawbacks, which have become more obvious with the advent of fashion for narrow products. Doctors recommend that girls reduce wearing tightly fitting models to a minimum. The main medical hazards are: discomfort in the thighs, the development of yeast infections, pain in the back and abdomen.The pressure that tight pants have on the body is very harmful.Because of the tight belt, a malfunction of the internal organs can occur, leading to malfunction of the intestine and stomach. Result: heartburn or constipation.
The disadvantages of trousers also include their low landing and wearing short outerwear. Such a tandem in the cold season can lead to inflammation of the kidneys or appendages. A complete overcooling of the body can also occur.
Some consider the lack of femininity to be an important minus of trousers. In this regard, the main opponents of the pants - men.

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Tip 2: What to wear in winter - a fur coat, sheepskin coat or down jacket

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