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Tip 2: What is a keyboard


The word hardware is of English origin and in the computer environment corresponds to the Russian equivalent of “hardware”. This concept is associated with the filling of the computer, its case and the peripheral equipment that surrounds the device. The concept is used in relation to physical media and devices installed and working with a computer.
Hardware includes a monitor, a mouse, a keyboard, storage media, various cards (network, graphics, audio, etc.), as well as memory modules, a motherboard, and chips installed in it, i.e. all objects that can be touched if desired. However, the hardware itself is able to function only with the software, i.e. software. A bundle of these two concepts and forms an understanding of a workable computer system.


Software, on the contrary, determines the part of the computer that is not hardware. The software includes all used applications that can be launched. The list of software includes executable files, libraries, scripts.Programs run on the basis of instructions written in the programming language and cannot function without a hardware component that processes the code written by the programmer at the expense of the available computing power.
The software is stored on storage media and processed by the central processor through a set of directives, i.e. programming language. Instructions consist of a set of binary values ​​that the processor can distinguish and calculate, and then produce the desired result after a certain amount of time.
Modern computer hardware is capable of processing a large number of commands at the same time, which allows you to create complex applications that meet modern requirements. The more complex the computer program, the more computing power is required from the hardware. If the hardware configuration does not allow the user to run the program, there will be significant drops in performance, as well as freezes.
There are many types of software that are determined in accordance with the purpose of their application or the specifics of their operation and operation.

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Tip 2: What is a keyboard

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Tip 2: What is a keyboard

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