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Tip 2: Providing leave with subsequent dismissal

A woman has secret desires in different areas. She is interested in relationships with a man, and especially life and the presence of some things in the wardrobe, travel, gifts, and still want to try something that was previously unavailable.

Dreams come from childhood

Many girls wanted to be princesses. And it was a huge image that was preserved in memory: a beautiful dress, expensive jewelry and the most magical ball in the world. Of course, the ball gown today may not be appropriate, but an adult woman still wants someday to be not just beautiful, but unforgettable. For the dress to be perfect, the jewels are unmatched, and the evening spent in this image remained in the memory forever. Let it be a trip to the most chic restaurant or a visit to the opera, it is important that the admiring looks should be given not only by the satellite, but also by everyone around. Being a queen is a dream, and I want it to come true for at least one evening.It is very important to realize the desire not independently, but to receive it as a gift. After all, to do everything itself is not at all interesting.
The desire to be saved too from childhood. It would be desirable that someone defended, someone made it clear to offenders that you can’t even touch a finger, that you can’t hurt even with a look. How is such a defender is not enough at work, when the boss reports back, or when the mother scolds for the unfulfilled promise. I want protection when the driver signals on the road, when rude on the street or in other public places. The feeling of security is a subconscious dream, and I want it to come true not once, but all the time.

Forbidden dreams

People today live in abundance of prohibitions. You can not be fat, you can not be poor, not even make up to leave the house can not. And so I want to break these rules, do something in defiance of the system. Not everyone decides on such an act, but how do you want to sneak candy in the supermarket. Or drive a red light. Or come to work in a super short mini and a huge neckline. I want to break the rules that crush. And sometimes just send everyone and stay alone.Forbidden dreams do not exist to fulfill them. They just excite the imagination, give some fantasy to fantasies.
Of forbidden desires is sexual fantasies. Every woman has something that excites her, but she does not dare to embody it. It could be sex with two men. Or even rape, when he takes her by force, delivering unprecedented pleasure. Fantasy can be associated with restriction of movement or intimacy with a completely unfamiliar handsome man.

Traditional dreams

Almost every woman loves to travel. If you ask what she would like to see, she will tell you. Someone dreams of snowy peaks, someone dreams of deserts. There are willing to visit Paris or New York. To be in the place that was so often seen in the photo is a dream of many, but not everyone believes that it is possible.
For some modern women, the dream of rest is relevant. Not about the active and bright, but about the usual. After work, I want to stretch out on the couch, relax and sleep for a few days. At the same time not to remember about the concerns: do not cook, do not deal with children, do not run somewhere for business.I would like for a few days to forget about everything that happens and take care of yourself. Baths, massages, light dinners that appear by themselves. In the active rhythm it is almost impossible to be alone, much less turn off the phone. But many women have long been dreaming about this.

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Tip 2: Providing leave with subsequent dismissal

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