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You used any program, and suddenly it began to produce errors. If you purchased the program legally or distributed online, you can writeletter�developers with a request to understand the problem.
In many programs, when an error occurs, a function of the finished form is provided. When an error occurs, the program displays a window asking you to send a report onan errorby clicking the corresponding button. If this form withan error�does not appear, the program reports: "There were problems with the program, sorry, the application will be closed."
You need to know the e-mail to which you sendletter. Usually it is located in the �Help� section or in the �About the program� section, where the version of the program that you need to indicate in the message is written.
If the program fails, it displays a messagean error, take a screenshot of this window and attach it to the letter, it will be a big help to the developer.
To take a screenshot, with the error window open, press the Print Screen key located in the uppermost row on the right. Then open the built-in graphic editor of Windows - "Start" - "All Programs" - "Standard" - Paint.net. In the top menu, click "Edit", then "Paste." Or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V. Then click the menu "File" - "Save As", save the file to your desktop.
If a crash occurred in a graphics program, write exactly which buttons and in which order you pressed. If you run a program by typing a command, indicate which command you typed. Where possible, provide a verbatim record of the dialogue, showing which teams you typed and what the program gave you in response.
The problem will be easier to solve if you describe everything in detail. Determine what you saw. Also determine what you expected to see. If you cannot send a screenshot, write down the error messages, especially if they have numbers.

Tip 2: How to write a price increase letter

Unfortunately, in our time, prices are only rising. Any organization at the next jump in prices for raw materials does the same - it increases the prices of its products.Of course, this must be reported to all who purchase this product. This is especially true of partners with whom formal agreements have been concluded.
Price increase
Before you write a letter about the increase in prices, call the organization and clarify whether they had a change of details, whether the manager has changed (since you will write the letter in his name). If you send a document with incorrect data, I can not accept it, it can worsen relations between organizations.
Next, write about the price increase. Emphasize that this situation is also unpleasant for you. Describe all the nuances that caused changes in value, for example, an increase in prices for raw materials, utilities, costs of customs clearance, etc. Specify all items affected by the increase.
If the prices of your products have not changed for a long time, be sure to list how much. This will positively affect the perception of your letter.
If customers have any discounts, indicate that they are still valid. You can write specific prices without a discount and with a discount.
The writing style should be businesslike, do not apologize several times, it may look ugly.
At the end of the letter, be sure to subscribe (indicating your position), put a date and do not forget the phrase that you are looking to continue cooperation. It is desirable that the letter was not very long, it is enough to write ½ A4 pages.
After sending the letter, be sure to call back and check if the customers have received it. This will help avoid misunderstandings.
Helpful advice
After writing the letter, it is better to print, sign, scan and send it to the client in this form.

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Tip 2: How to write a price increase letter

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