ArchiCAD Tip #42: Align and Distribute (ArchiCAD Basics)

Tip 2: How to multiply and distribute their finances

Bonus payments and the conditions of their distribution relate to the conditions of remuneration and must be reflected in the conditions of the employment contract. Set the wages of your employees in accordance with the local regulatory act (regulation, order), which is valid in the enterprise. Include this clause in the employment contract indicating the current local act. In case of changes in the conditions of remuneration, it is necessary to make changes to the employment contract in compliance with the requirements of the law.
When establishing a bonus system, an employer needs to agree with the workers' representative body. If the enterprise has a trade union organization and the number of its members is more than half of the employees, then the elected body of this organization (trade union committee) is considered to be the representative body of workers.
The procedure for the introduction of forms of promotion is determined by Part 2 of Article 144 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. In non-budgetary organizations, the stimulation takes place at the expense of the employer's own funds, but in any case, it must comply with the general legal principles when distributing bonuses.
Distribute according to the principles of rationality and fairness. So in many organizations, the main criterion is wages and other incentive premiums, accrued for length of service, category, rank, etc. The distribution of the premium depends on the total amount received as payment for labor and all established allowances. In some organizations, the so-called labor participation rate (KTU) is used, which reflects the share of labor of each employee in the overall process.
Do not discriminate when distributing bonus payments. The distribution process should be as clear as possible, since the fairness of the distribution can be questioned. In this case, the representative body of workers is entitled to appeal against the procedure for distributing the premium in court.

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Tip 2: How to multiply and distribute their finances

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