Belly Dance costume tip #2 The Bustle Skirt Wrap (drape)

Tip 2: How to make a costume of Batman

You will need
  • - broken black umbrella;
  • - short black lightning;
  • - kosya black inlay;
  • Black fabric on the hood;
  • -cardboard;
  • -sharp knife;
  • - water emulsion paint;
  • -black gouache;
  • lac;
  • - pattern hood;
  • - clothes elastic;
  • -glue;
  • -sewing machine;
  • - threads, needles, paints, brushes.
The costume consists of two parts - a mask and a raincoat. Black trousers are also needed, but you will surely find them in the nearest store or even in your closet. For a raincoat, take an old black umbrella. Remove the handle and knitting needles from it. Cut off the top of the umbrella. Make a hole so that the neckline is “under the neck”.
Make an incision from the neck along the length of the zipper. The head should be free to pass into the hole. Bend the edges of the cut by 0, 5 cm. Sweep and stitch lightning. Handle the neck with an oblique bake.
Sew a hat on the pattern of any hood. In addition, there may be a hood in the working clothes shop, which workers in some specialties wear under a helmet.It is necessary to simply take in size. If there is nothing at hand, draw the pattern yourself. Measure your head. You need two measurements - the half-grip of the head and the height from the shoulder to the crown. Draw a rectangle. Determine where the front end will be. Leave it as is. At the rear of the upper corner beveled arc.
Cut out 2 details of the hood. Fold them face up to each other, stitch and unzip the back seam. Fold the remaining sides to the wrong side twice and hem it. You can sew a strip of fabric from the seamy side at the throat level and make a drawstring for the elastic band or ties. But you can not do this, because the bottom of the hood will be tucked under the cloak.
Cut out the mask from the cardboard. In principle, it is no different from any other wide carnival mask. Draw a straight line equal to the width of the forehead. Continue its edges another 8-19 cm. Divide the line in half and lower the perpendicular down, the length of which is equal to the height of the forehead plus half of the nose bridge. From the ends of the original line, also lower the perpendiculars down a little shorter than the median. Connect the end of the median perpendicular with the ends of the side.Mark eye spots, draw horizontal ovals. Cut out the mask.
Make ears. It's just 2 long rhombus from the same cardboard. Bend them a little along the long diagonal. If the cardboard is not very thick, make them double.
Twist the mask into the tube so that it acquires the desired bend. Glue or sew the ears to the sides. Attach the gum. It can be glued to the wrong side of the mask, and the place of gluing should be strengthened with cardboard circles or squares. You can use and adhesive tape. Try on the mask and adjust to fit.
Prime with emulsion paint. Cover it with black gouache, then varnish. It is best to dry it on a large jar so that it keeps the bend.
For an adult raincoat will have to nadit umbrella. Cut out the wedges of the required length from the appropriate black fabric according to the number of umbrella wedges, stitch them together and stitch to the umbrella. An adult raincoat can be made with a long slit, without zippers. Sew a button or hook on top.
Helpful advice
If you do not have a slanting bake at hand and there is nothing to carve it out of, just hem the neckline, twisting it to 0, 5 cm twice.
The upper part of the fastener can be fastened with a button or a hook.
In order to give the mask the desired shape, you can embed a little line of the nose, making something like recesses. This should be done before painting.
If you know how to sculpt a bit, you can make a mask out of papier-mâché. To do this, you will need a 5-liter jar or a wooden blank for the size of the head and cardboard packaging for eggs. Soak packages in a small amount of water and knead them until a homogeneous mass. Slap the paper pulp in a thin, even layer on the jar so that the paper covers half of the bottom and half of the side of the jar. Next, glue the convex parts - eyebrows, nose, cheekbones. Ears can be molded from the same mass or made separately from cardboard. Leave the mask to dry on the same jar, then carefully remove it (it is easily peeled off). Make slits for the eyes, trim all the lines. Prime the mask with water-based paint, paint with gouache and varnish.

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Tip 2: How to make a costume of Batman

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