How to Solve the Rubik's cube! (universal solution)

Tip 2: How to form universal learning activities for students

Find the cause of your irritation. What exactly do you dislike about behavior?baby? What acts annoy you? Having understood this, you can talk to the child and gently express your wishes. Suppose you do not like that a child spends a lot of time on the computer, instead of doing homework. Clearly mark the time when he can play and watch it. Do not allow any loosening, even if it may lead to conflict. Your task is to show that there is authority in the family (the older generation), whose opinion must be considered. The sooner the child accepts the rules of behavior in your family, the faster his adaptation will pass.
It is during the adaptation period that the most complex conflicts between new parents and children occur. Your task is to help the child to join the new family, to get acquainted with its traditions and orders.All family members should be friendly to the child, ready to help him in solving any issues. The child, on the contrary, may behave provocatively, provoking you to scandals and punishments (especially if this was the norm in a previous family). So he probes that line to which you can take him by anyone and after which it is better not to joke with you.
Do not make early demands on the child. In addition to adaptation, consider psychological If this is a child from an orphanage, he may be distinguished by increased secrecy, singularity, isolation. You may encounter problems household plan. But at the same time, these children are more disciplined and communicate well with other children. You will have to face problems in school, perhaps some antisocial behavior. But for this you need to be prepared and understand that such problems are an integral part of adaptation.babyin new conditions.
If the child is small, his rejection may arise even from, it would seem, such trifles as smell. If you have your children, you feel them at the level of instinct. Alienbabyneed to learn to love. Exactly learn.Learn to deal with disgust and irritation. Many adults try to replace love with pity, which in itself is already destructive. After all, love for a child includes upbringing, care for his safety and health, and some limitations. Pity does not allow you to see a complete picture of what the child really needs, and what it should be strictly limited to.

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Tip 2: How to form universal learning activities for students

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Tip 2: How to form universal learning activities for students

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