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Tip 2: How to fill out a form for employment

You will need
  • - civil passport; - international passport; - driver's license; - education document; - 3x4 photos.
In the practice of personnel services, questionnaires are often used that contain a list of issues of special importance to the employer that may not be reflected in the resume. Subsequently, the information provided serves as the basis for the formation of the personal file of the employee of the organization. A unified form of the questionnaire does not exist, therefore, each company develops it at its discretion.
Having received the questionnaire form, first read the list of questions, check with the personnel manager for some incomprehensible moments. Do not refuse to fill out the questionnaire, even if it completely duplicates your resume.
Write carefully and legibly, in case of bad handwriting, in block letters so that your answers are understandable. Do not make spelling mistakes: it is very likely that a potential employer does not welcome illiterate employees.
Fill in all fields and fields of the questionnaire.Do not ignore even those questions, the answers to which may not be in your favor. Write only true and reliable information, as it can be verified.
Pay attention to the statement of information about previous places of work: list them in the chronology in which the employer requires, starting with the last place or the first. Indicate the dates and names of enterprises in accordance with the records in the workbook. If you have previously worked in a company where the trademark and the name of the legal entity do not match, mark this.
As a rule, the questionnaires for employment include the question of the desired salary. To give an adequate answer and to characterize yourself as a person who knows his own worth, find out in advance the approximate range of wage levels for similar positions in the industry to which the company belongs, and add 10-15%.
Try to answer the questions of the questionnaire concisely, avoiding unnecessary details, but at the same time clearly and specifically. Carefully consider the items about personal qualities, achievements, future plans, hobbies. You must present to the employer a versatile and whole person.
In order not to be mistaken in the presentation of information about education, employment and writing details of the documents, take with you a general passport, passport, diploma, driver's license, employment record. Write down the addresses of the companies where you have worked before, phone numbers and the names, and patronymic names of persons who can give you recommendations. It is possible that you may need a photo, so take a standard set of 3x4 shots in advance.
A properly completed application form characterizes the applicant as a responsible and disciplined person. These qualities are highly valued by employers and increase the chances of taking the desired position.

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Tip 2: How to fill out a form for employment

Tip 2: How to fill out a form for employment

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