3 reasons why swimming won’t make you skinny or strong and tips on how to tone your body

Tip 2: How sport affects the body

Mostly start to run for the following reasons: strengthen the heart, lose weight, relieve stress. Depending on this, you need to choose your system for running. In professional sports, there are their own running technique, which fans rarely adopt. For the general improvement of the body jogging is best suited, for losing weight - interval jogging. If you want to become a professional runner, you should practice marathon running.

Jogging. Running for weight loss

So, jogging is one of the most popular. The step should not be sweeping, perhaps even shuffling with feet. This condition reduces the load on the ligaments and joints, which often suffer from untrained runners. Increase the width of the step later if you are ready for it. The foot becomes on the heel, then rolls onto the toe. So you will save from an overstrain of a muscle of a front part of a shin. With the wrong technique, you can feel an obsessive ache in this part.
Watch your breath. You should be able to keep it level, if not, reduce or stop the load. When jogging is not talking about testing the body for endurance. Walk a little quick step, then resume running. It is also necessary to monitor the pulse rate, it should not be higher than 170 beats per minute. Otherwise, again, this is no longer a health jogging, but an endurance training. Running time - from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on your state of health.
You can run and for weight loss, for this make some amendments to the technique. First, increase the running time, because excess fat begins to burn only after 20-30 minutes. Before this, glycogen and animal starch are consumed. Choose a feasible pace. If the state of the heart allows, work on the pulse from 150-160 beats per minute. Interval jogging is very effective for losing weight, while you alternate fast jogging at the limit of strength with slow.

Running as a relief from stress. Professional types of running

If you just want to relax and unwind, get pleasure from a feasible physical exertion, observe several conditions when running.Keep the same pace, run slowly and calmly. Breathe smoothly, pulse - up to 140 beats per minute, no longer necessary. Turn on the player calm music, it is possible for meditation. All this together will help you bring thoughts and feelings in order, get rid of the accumulated negative. These runs do as needed, a couple of times a week.
Among professional systems for running it is possible to name run with obstacles, marathon, relay, shuttle, fast. Speed ​​running is used for speed competitions. Running with obstacles requires good physical preparation; additional efforts are required to overcome obstacles in the way of the running. During the shuttle run, the athlete runs from one line to another, rearranging the sports equipment. Marathon - the race for more than 40 km.

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Tip 2: How sport affects the body

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Tip 2: How sport affects the body

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