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Tip 2: How many calories in a cup of coffee

Coffee is a delicious drink that has a refreshing and invigorating effect on the human body. Many people drink coffee in the morning to wake up the body. Few know that ordinary black coffee without sugar contains almost no calories.
How many calories in a cup of coffee

Diet espresso

The issue of coffee caloricity is mainly concerned with healthy lifestyle lovers, who make up a meal schedule for the weeks and months ahead. They know that one hundred milliliters of coffee contain only two calories, that is, in a small cup of very strong absolutely black espresso you rarely find more than one and a half calories, which is actually very little. True, this refers exclusively to good, brewed coffee. The less water in the drink, the more it is calorie, so that the strongest Turkish coffee can be called a record holder, there are as many as twelve calories in it, which is still quite a bit. With instant coffee, everything is not so bright.
It has been proven that three cups of instant coffee contain approximately as many calories as a bar of milk chocolate (about five hundred).The complex chemical composition of instant coffee leads to the fact that this drink is digested for quite a long time, causing specific reactions in the body. Cardiologists strongly do not recommend drinking instant coffee for people with heart disease.

Cunning Lattes and Cappuccino

Unfortunately, there are not so many lovers of simple black coffee. Milk, cream and sugar are usually added to it. Here lies the problem. Milk and other additives, of course, soften the taste of the drink, make it more refined, but at the same time increase the caloric content tenfold. So a cup of espresso with the addition of milk no longer contains two, but thirty seven calories, and a delicious latte can contain from one hundred eighty to two hundred and fifty calories (depending on the presence or absence of syrup). This can hardly be called a healthy diet drink, given that the recommended calorie intake rate for a modern person is at the level of two thousand and a little, which means that the standard latte will cover one tenth of the total daily ration.
The same goes for cappuccino. Similar, albeit delicious coffee, is a milk with syrup and the addition of coffee, which makes it a very high-calorie drink, because it is milk that “takes on itself” the main energy value.So, if you follow the figure, it is better to refuse such excesses by making a choice in favor of espresso and Americano, which is an espresso with the addition of water. Interestingly, espresso has less caffeine than many other types of coffee. This is due to the fact that the coffee beans during the preparation of this drink in contact with water just a short time.

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Tip 2: How many calories in a cup of coffee

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Tip 2: How many calories in a cup of coffee

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