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Tip 2: Meditation adoption!

With exactly the same approach, a person comes to meditation. He pays, first of all, his time, his effort and naturally awaits the result. Especially if it is a successful person - a big businessman, politician, well-known person. He knows his worth and knows the value of his time. Time is more precious to him. And therefore, he must be sure that it is not in vain that he has invested his resources. Everywhere he gets a benefit - every ruble he spends brings two. Or the item received for this money exceeds the money invested. He works like that, so he rests, gets married, makes friends. Everything is just in terms of benefits.

Therefore, so few famous, famous and rich people are interested in meditation. For them, going to church, donating to church is already a big sacrifice. But it is still beneficial to his prestige. And he earns his reputation by this, God has nothing to do with it. The church is only one of profitable investments. And it doesn’t matter what the holy fathers say there - the main thing is that he has appeared as a philanthropist. Got due respect. He will not pray to God when no one sees, he will come to church on Sunday, when there are a lot of people there - he wants to show that he is not far behind fashion. It is where in our time it is considered prestigious to be at least once a year.

And what kind of person is a businessman, a politician can get from meditation? Where are the guarantees that what will happen to him that promises meditation. The greedy mind cannot understand this. There is no benefit here.

We all live in the world of business, buying and selling, commodity-money relations. And the mind of everyone in any case hopes for benefit. For a person, an extreme act can happen only because of love, and even then not always and not at all. Except in rare cases, there is also a benefit. Moreover, meditation - something about which we even have no idea what it is. All that is written about her is vague and blurry. In this description itself there is a big space. Initially, there is a warning that you will need very much, and what is not clear. And then the warning - they say, is unknown and the result of all this.

Although there are people who successfully sell it and quite inexpensive. Especially for those who want to run away from reality and hide behind another illusion.These people, these sellers are like a bad student who came to the first lesson in mathematics, and they passed there, how many will be two plus two. He recognized the answer, and happily says - "now I understand everything, I understand what mathematics is, everything is simple - two plus two equals four, I will tell everyone, let them see how clever I am." They go, gather people - “come, today I will tell you how many will be two plus two!” Those who don't know mathematics at all come and naturally begin to respect him, called the sage, enlightened.

This is what modern meditation looks like. Those who give it to people are not even bad students of mathematics - they are students of these students. And what is two plus two in arithmetic - a drop in the ocean. And their knowledge is also just a drop of knowledge, and the rest is just a sham.

And so a person comes to meditation or to the technique of previous meditation. He even by lucky chance can get to the master. Only he will not understand. He spent some of his resources, donated time, money, and other desires. He could go to the cinema or to a concert, go to his parents, meet friends in a cafe. But instead, he came to practice. And naturally he is full of expectations. He is waiting for a miracle, insight, insight. He hopes that suddenly the future or the past will open to him, and he will see his past lives. Or if he has a sophisticated mind, he is waiting for the fact that, finally, his internal dialogue stops, he will disappear, a long-awaited enlightenment will come, an understanding of the essence of fine matters, the essence of things.

After all, he, in the end, made a contribution and can not leave empty-handed. As a businessman, he will have to explain to himself how he got from meditation. After all, he bought the thing, made a good deal. He will now have to put it somewhere in a prominent place, will have to tell his friends, attach another medal to his chest.

And, in the end, the following happens - either he is disappointed in meditation forever or comes up with an illusion. Both those and others received nothing. But the first ones honestly admit that this is all nonsense - they turn around and go to look for happiness in something else, and the second, trying to smooth out the embarrassment, trying to justify the time spent, imagine that the meditation was a success. They got what they wanted - they felt energy or they saw a glow, or their minds stopped, and knowledge came.The first ones make sure that they are deceived and now demand something else from life that will bring them satisfaction, and the second ones are convinced that they have spent their resources profitably and now they demand continuation.

But neither are right. And their colossal mistake is comparable only with the power and depth of the inherently paradoxical process leading to the summit of meditation!

They are already here!

You are already here!

You are already here !!!

You. Already. Here !!!!!!

But the paradox is that you are waiting for someone to sit on the other side of the swing! And one and the other connects one thing - you think that meditation is on one pole, and you are on the other. And then you will never meet! But you are this polarity - you don’t have to go anywhere. You are the two poles of the same phenomenon. You just have to understand it!

So go, look, be disappointed, sing, dance, fight, save money, play with children, travel, laugh, cry, find and lose again, and find again - meditation is always with you.

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