Three recipes for delicious homemade chocolates

Homemade candy is easy to cook. All components are crushed, mixed and formed into a mass of pieces of the desired shape. Sometimes it will be necessary to boil the glaze and dry the nuts in a frying pan. The most useful can be called candy from dried fruits. Delicious products with waffles, cookies and other sweets.

Recipe №1 - candies from dried fruits

Prepare 2 cups dried apricots, a glass of prunes and walnuts, 30 g butter, 80 g chocolate, 3 spoons of honey. The taste will be sweet and sour. If you like sweets more, the amount of dried apricots should be reduced, raisins should be increased. Dried fruits should be pitted.

Dry nuts in a frying pan and chop. Wash dried fruits, mince. Mix with nuts, using honey to bring to the desired thickness. From the resulting mass to make small balls.

Chop and melt chocolate by adding butter. Pour this icing on top of the candy. You can eat right away or put it in the fridge. Store for 3-4 days.

Recipe number 2 - candy "Squirrel"

It will take 100 ml of cream, the same amount of chocolate, 200 g of butter, a glass of nuts, better than walnuts, a glass of sugar. You can buy in the confectionery stores wafer hemispheres - they will need 40 g.

Oil soften and mash with sugar. Add nuts, roasted and chopped. Melt the chocolate in a water bath with cream, then mix with the butter cream and separate a third. Fill the hemispheres with mass, and smear the rest of the cream on top. If they are not, just make balls of candy mass, roll in nuts and put in the cold before setting.

Recipe №3 - homemade candy from cookies

It will take a pound of biscuits, 200 g of nuts, a can of condensed milk, 30 g of coconut chips, 20 pieces of dried apricots.

Crush nuts and cookies until crumbs. Add condensed milk to obtain a consistency of thick cream. Wash dried apricots and dried. You can replace it with pieces of marshmallow, marmalade, and other dried fruits. Take a piece of the prepared mass, make a hole in it and place the stuffing there. Close the hole and roll the resulting ball in coconut chips. Then place until frozen in the refrigerator.

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Homemade Chocolate Recipe With 3 Ingredients - How to make Chocolate Recipe by Kitchen With Amna
Three recipes for delicious homemade chocolates

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