Why We Do Not Match Competitor Pricing

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Review addedFebruary 13, 2014authoririnady

Microwave Bork

The quality does not match the price

I bought a microwave to make life easier after birth. I chose according to the principle - the more expensive the better. But I was wrong. Potatoes in a rustic turns out dried, although I cook it on a programmed program. Liquid food during heating scatters through the microwave, and solid food is heated unevenly. This could have been avoided if it was possible to change the power during heating, but such a function is not provided there.
Stylish design.
Many modes: oven, steaming, grilling and others.
Food warms unevenly.
It is impossible to reduce the heating power.

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The quality does not match the price

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The quality does not match the price

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