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The main sensations of the 2014 World Cup football


Costa Rica comes out to 1/4 finals of the World Cup 2014

The main sensation of the World Cup in Brazil is an outstanding result, which showed the national team of Costa Rica. This team got into one of the championship death groups. The rivals of the Costa Rican quartet were the Italians, the Uruguayans and the British. Representatives of Central America were able to exit the playoff stage from first place in the group. Costa Rica managed to beat Uruguay and Italy (3 - 1 and 1 - 0, respectively), and did not lose to the British (0 - 0).

In the 1/8 final match, Costa Ricans defeated the Greeks in a penalty shootout. Reaching the quarterfinal stage of the World Cup was the greatest achievement of Costa Rican football. In the quarterfinals, the players of Costa Rica did not lose again. The main and extra time of the match with Holland ended in a goalless draw. Only in the series of 11-meter Netherlands (future bronze winners) were able to beat Costa Rica.

Brazil - Germany (1 - 7)

Sensation can be called the score of the first semifinal meeting between the hosts of the World Cup and the German national team.The Brazilians suffered the most crushing defeat in their history, and at such a serious stage of the football world championship. Score 1 - 7 will go down in the history of world football, as the largest defeat at the stage of the playoffs at the world football championships.

The Brazilians lost a crushing match and for the third place the national team of the Netherlands (0 - 3). It turns out that the hosts of the World Cup conceded the most goals in their net among all the teams participating in the tournament (14 goals).

Departure Spain after the group stage

Few expected the departure of the reigning world champions of 2010 (Spaniards) after the group stage. Despite the fact that the Spanish team got into the group of death in the championship, the departure of the “red fury” cannot be considered as a normal state of affairs. The Spaniards suffered a crushing defeat from the Dutch (1 - 5), lost to the Chileans (0 - 2). The only victory in the tournament was won by Spain in a decisive match with the Australians (3 - 0).

In varying degrees, it is possible to attribute the departure of Italians, Uruguayans, British, Portuguese to the sensations of the World Cup after the group stage of the tournament. Also, a certain sensation can be called the output of the team of Algeria to the stage of the 1/8 finals of the World Cup.African extras only in extra time gave way to the Germans in the first stage of the play-off world championship (1 - 2).

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The main sensations of the 2014 World Cup football

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The main sensations of the 2014 World Cup football

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