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The magical properties of stones according to the signs of the zodiac



Diamond, ruby, amethyst and sapphire - stones, suitable Aries. Diamond gives the wearer strength and empowers dedication to achieve the intended. This stone helps to keep yourself in hand, relieves stress and tension. Ruby reveals a sense of compassion in Aries, and also helps heal spiritual wounds. The main task of this stone is to return the faith in the owner. Amethyst is a stone that is able to calm and relieve nervous tension. With such a stone, people gradually learn to control their emotions. But sapphire will add wisdom to its owner. Especially it will be in place in younger people, because it will temper their ardor, help control emotions, and reduce outbursts of anger.


Stones suitable for Taurus, will help to cope with all the shortcomings. Emerald is a stone of wisdom and harmony. He will help Taurus to be more insightful, will guide the path of mental balance.This stone is for people of pure soul who seek self-improvement. Helps to gain confidence and gives determination chrysoprase. This stone protects against failure, is a stimulant for the brain. Chalcedony gives the owner a feeling of joy and harmony, has a regenerating effect after stressful situations. Chalcedony suppresses the feeling of greed, making its owner more generous towards loved ones.


Positive properties will have stones suitable for Gemini: agate, alexandrite, beryl, topaz. Agate is endowed with the properties by which it helps Gemini gain stability and balance, directs the creative fuse in the right direction. With such a stone you can achieve success in the intended case. Beryl is also able to help in solving problems and problems. This stone is the guardian of a family hearth that will maintain harmony in relationships. Topaz - a real defender of dangerous passions. He will always help with emotional exhaustion, relieve stress. With such a stone, mental abilities develop, the path to enlightenment can open.


The real talismans will be stones suitable for Cancers. Pearls will help develop talents, which you can not even guess, is a real "magnet of luck." The emerald will be the most suitable stone for Cancer. With him, a person will always keep his emotions under control, will not be subjected to melancholy and negative mood. Emerald will always help to relax and remove the slightest manifestations of isolation. If there is a desire to overcome all their shortcomings, then the "Cat's Eye" is best suited. He is endowed with the ability to protect against the evil eye, can save love, and also draw attention to its owner. The moonstone is suitable for people who are directly connected with the moon. Such a stone will help in making difficult decisions, improve eloquence and the ability to persuade.

a lion

Stones suitable for Lions are best to choose yellow. This sign is closely related to the sun. Therefore, amber will give lions all their warmth from the sun. This mineral is guaranteed to give strength and beauty to its owner, being a powerful biostimulant. Wearing amber will stimulate the nervous system, help with cardiovascular diseases that are common among lions.Chrysolite will help improve relationships with people, give confidence, reveal the ability to attract and interest in their personality. This stone allows you to have a peaceful sleep, maintains the nervous system and even treats stuttering. Topaz - a stone that attracts career success and wealth. He will be a faithful adviser in various matters. The owner of this stone acquires wisdom, balance, will be able to tame rage and suppress bursts of negative emotions.


Bring happiness stones suitable for Virgins. Holders of chrysolite will always look attractive in the eyes of others. This stone liberates and eliminates conservatism, promotes learning, and obtaining new knowledge. Jasper will always help to improve family relations. This stone gives the owner a sense of tolerance. And jade will strengthen vitality, improve eyesight, kidney and liver, and also has a warming effect.


Aquamarine, lapis lazuli, opal and tourmaline - stones suitable for Libra, which are best used as talismans. Aquamarine will always help Libra to calm down during sudden changes in mood.Lapis lazuli has the ability to clarify the mind, strengthen feelings of friendship and love. Such a pebble will preserve youth and strengthen physical condition. Opal will contribute to the pursuit of balance and harmony. This stone is suitable only for balanced people. But tourmaline is suitable for people with changeable character. This talisman will develop only the positive aspects of its owner.


Stones suitable for Scorpios are aquamarine, garnet and black opal. In the pursuit of mutual love and a happy future will help aquamarine. Appeasement and peace are the main qualities that the owner of this stone acquires. Aquamarine jewelery will always help with toothache and prevent throat diseases. Pomegranate enhances attractiveness and is considered a stone of lovers. This stone can bring down the heat and relieve pain in the head. Pomegranate is a stone of good mood and positive thoughts. Well, the active representatives of the mark fit opal, which will restore balance and control in the intense life of Scorpio. Black opal will contribute to the desire to know yourself, will direct all energy to self-development, will save from nervous breakdowns and stress.


A special stone for Streltsov has always been a stone of happiness - turquoise.Turquoise will be the main assistant in the planned affairs, will help to overcome all difficulties, push you to profitable solutions. This stone - the main catalyst in the acquisition of determination. In addition to turquoise, yellow topaz and chrysolite are stones suitable for Sagittarius. Topaz will provide the owner with career growth and well-being. This stone is able to identify detractors, will push on the right choice. Calms and gives wisdom. Chrysolite is always turn away from rash actions. This stone helps to treat eye diseases and blood diseases.


Stones suitable for Capricorn are represented by ruby, onyx and green malachite. Rubin enhances both positive and negative sides of character. Such a stone brings love and success. When danger approaches, the ruby ​​darkens, warning its owner. Onyx has always been a stone that helps lead people. He gives his owner a strong memory, protects against negative influence. And malachite can play the role of a real doctor. This stone has a positive effect on the nervous system, has a beneficial effect in cardiovascular diseases,It affects the digestive organs, improves immunity.


Amethyst and zircon can become the most successful stones suitable for Aquarius. Such a stone as amethyst will be able to bring good luck, maintain sound mind, protect health, and also warn about problems. Amethyst will help to focus on a specific task, will not let go into despair and lose hope. Such a stone "lays out all thoughts on the shelves," directs all the energy in the right direction. Improving blood circulation is a very positive quality of this stone. Zircon also has a beneficial effect on the mental abilities of Aquarius. This is the best assistant in striving to know the truth, to learn new things.


Aquamarine, pearls and amethyst - stones suitable for Pisces. Aquamarine will help to fight with negative qualities of character, “wake up” in its owner a sense of dignity, give determination, will push for the desire to take care of others. Such a stone will not give the opportunity to close and go headlong into their dreams. The pearls will serve Pisces as a mascot of good luck and protection from the "evil eye." The color of such a stone can determine the mood of its owner. Amethyst will bring good luck.Peace and tranquility will be guaranteed by the presence of this stone, which is also a symbol of faith and love.

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The magical properties of stones according to the signs of the zodiac

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