Singer Curvy Sewing Machine Instructional Video - 8763, 8770, 8780, 160, One

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Sewing machine Singer 8770 Curvy - a reliable machine

I have long wanted to learn how to sew. It was not possible to master this economical and profitable occupation without a sewing machine. I was counting on buying a good machine, so I purchased a Singer 8770 Curvy sewing machine on credit.
It's great that this device has many functions. I sewed, embroidered, made overcasting and hidden lines. Conveniently, the threading diagram is located on the device panel. Pleased that the machine has a retractable small table.
The machine in our family for 5 years and during this period the device has never failed and the details are all in place.
There is a small and convenient sliding table.

Video: Singer Curvy Computerized Sewing Machine

SINGER Sewing Machine 8770
Sewing machine Singer 8770 Curvy - a reliable machine

SINGER 8770 Curvy Sewing Machine Review and Buyer's Guide 2017
Sewing machine Singer 8770 Curvy - a reliable machine

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