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Runbike: reviews of doctors and buyers

Runbike- This is a two-wheeled vehicle that looks very much like a bicycle, but is devoid of the classic chain transmission and pedals. The second name of the runbike is the bike run. Sometimes you can find the name ranbike.

The design of this device is very simple. It is enough to imagine an ordinary bicycle, the saddle of which is at such a height that a cyclist can kick with his feet off the ground. It turns out that the user combines the usual running and cycling.

Why do you need a runbike?

The runbike is not usually used as a vehicle andused for teaching children. A child who is not yet able to master a two-wheeled bicycle, trains on a rammer and develops a sense of balance and the ability to properly use the steering wheel. Also, there is the skill of proper application of the brake. The development of all these skills is necessary for transplanting from a bike to a regular bike.

If earlier the kid trained on a two-wheeled bicycle with front wheels, now he is given a running bike. This greatly simplifies the learning process.After all, trying as much as possible to keep your bike trail in motion, the child will try to maintain a state of balance as long as possible.

It would seem that it is precisely the younger age that is optimal for skiing. But there are also adults who, for a number of reasons, are not able to ride a regular two-wheeled bicycle. Some need to recover from the injury, and someone simply has not yet learned to ride on two wheels. In these cases, the runbike is also useful, which is also modified for adults.

Bouncer reviews

The runbike appeared relatively recently, however, a lot of reviews about this non-standard device have already accumulated.

Most experts say that the runbike provides the development of the basic skills necessary for a full ride on an adult bike. is heallows the child to learn the basic movements and fix them during the operation of the bike. Learning to ride on an adult bike will be much easier later.

Parents note that often the child begins to ride the bike so well that he is already able to participate in family bike rides.The kid can keep balance perfectly and accelerate to high speeds. The duration of one run between repulsions from the earth becomes so high that the child rides just like a standard bike. Interestingly, some children manage to master even the elements of extreme skiing and perform typical cycling stunts.

Analysis of reviews about running on the Internet shows that most of the comments are very positive. Experts compare the runbikes and the most common scooters. Many argue that the runbike is much simpler to operate and has more advantages than a scooter. The load on the muscles of the child when riding a ratchet is symmetrical, which makes this simulator much more efficient and correct for the development of the child’s body.

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Runbike: reviews of doctors and buyers

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Runbike: reviews of doctors and buyers

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