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Red Banana: an exotic fruit from Costa Rica

About fruit and application

Most red bananas are grown in Costa Rica. In fact, these fruits have a brown tinge rather than red, with a purple or brownish tint, because rich in carotene. And their pulp is either yellowish or pinkish and, by the way, contains a lot of sugar (therefore it is not recommended for diabetics). The taste of red bananas is very delicate, with a raspberry flavor. And they are much less heavy food, compared with the classic look, although they can boast no less saturated chemical composition.
Initially, red bananas were taken to be eaten raw. However, later they learned how to dry, dry, fry and even marinate. Banana chips are very popular among dried fruit lovers. A sweet tooth can be pampered with desserts stuffed with red bananas. Jams, mashed potatoes and mousses are made from these fruits, and also added to various fruit salads.
The only drawback of red bananas is that they deteriorate very quickly. And since they are also softer than yellow, their transportation causes some difficulties.However, red bananas are picked unripe and transported to airtight containers to other countries just in time for their ripening. At home, it is preferable to use them for the first few days, keeping them in the refrigerator.

The benefits and harms of red bananas

A full breakfast or lunch is hidden under the contented thin skin of these bananas. Only 90 calories in one fruit quickly saturate, and the lack of fat allows you not to worry about gaining excess weight. Red bananas are rich in fiber and minerals. The high content of potassium makes them an indispensable product for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.
Perfectly help bananas with convulsions, low immunity, anemia and unstable pressure. Vitamins A, C support the body in good shape and give it youth.
Red bananas are a very mild product, therefore it is recommended for gastritis and digestive problems, it can even be used by people with high acidity. Also, red bananas save from migraines and dizziness.
Harm red bananas can bring only those who are sick with diabetes. But still in moderation, their use is allowed.But for children they are an invaluable product, because saturate the young body and are well absorbed, giving energy for a long time.


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Red Banana: an exotic fruit from Costa Rica

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Red Banana: an exotic fruit from Costa Rica

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