Benefits of Turmeric for Arsenic Exposure

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PROSTO brand rice - excellent cereals

PROSTO brand rice - excellent cereals

I like long grain rice very much, probably in my past life I was born and lived somewhere in the East. And I put it both in soups and in home sushi, I use it as a side dish and I love pilaf!
In modern stores, a huge assortment of similar products from different manufacturers and at different prices “falls out” on the consumer. But, unfortunately, not all products justify the stated price and satisfy the expectations and aspirations of housewives after preparation.
I am in this - no exception and, before finding the right rice, I tried a huge amount of different products, now I know a few that I can buy with a clear conscience.This list also includes rice from the manufacturer PROSTO, which boasts a low price and excellent quality after cooking.
Reasonable price for products.
Good quality before and after boiling.

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PROSTO brand rice - excellent cereals

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PROSTO brand rice - excellent cereals

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