Ayurvedic use Sweet Marjoram (Maruva)

Properties and application of marjoram

Useful properties of marjoram
This grass contains many essential oils, various useful substances. Only scientists have so far failed to identify the substance responsible for the interesting smell of the plant. Even in seasoning marjoram contains rutin, strengthening vessels. Carotene is responsible for the neutralization of radicals, preventing their appearance.
It is not surprising that marjoram is used in traditional medicine. The plant can act as an antiseptic. Dried marjoram is used to treat coughing, with bleeding gums, problems with digestion. It is able to help with intestinal or gastric pain, spasms.
Application of marjoram in cooking
Marjoram as a spice is added to meat dishes, salads, soups. It gives flavor, helps to digest heavy food. There are many recipes where you can add marjoram seasoning, because it goes well with basil, thyme, oregano and other spices.
Marjoram is often used in canning, cucumbers and squash are salted with it, sauerkraut is cooked. Marjoram can be used for everyday dishes and for exquisite festive. Seasoning is suitable for brewing tea, as it has a floral-spicy aroma.
It is worth noting that in Russian cuisine, marjoram is rarely used, due to the fact that there are no suitable conditions for its cultivation in Russia.

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Properties and application of marjoram

Sweet Marjoram Health Benefits - Health Benefits of Sweet Marjoram - Amazing Herbs
Properties and application of marjoram

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