Do Puppies Need Their Baby Teeth Pulled If They Don't Fall Out After 6 Months?

Pets: when puppies change teeth

In order to avoid the formation of an abnormal bite, you should contact your veterinarian for a doctor to remove the remaining milk teeth. Milk incisors fall out first when the puppy is 3 months old. Molars start falling out at four months. In the seventh month, permanent teeth and fangs grow. Make sure that your pet starts to nibble during the change of teeth. The fact is that your new furniture, sofas, armchairs, as well as other things, even a cell phone, may suffer. During this period of his life, the dog does not understand what can be eaten and what cannot. Therefore, during this period, a teenage dog needs to be given cartilage and calf bones more often. Make sure your pet consumes foods rich in calcium.
The beginning of the change of teeth depends on how large the dog breed is. For big dogs, they start to change very early. Be sure to show your pet to the veterinarian during the change of milk teeth.You can not guess why, at this not very favorable time for the dog, your pet is suffering from digestive upset, and the fever does not give him any peace.
During the change of milk teeth, small puppies can bite hard enough. It is at this time that dogs learn to control the power of the bite. Do not scold your pet for biting your hand or leg. Just show him that you don't like what the puppy does. If, after the conversation, your baby does not calm down, take him out of the room to another room and close it for the purpose of education.
It is not advisable during the period of changing teeth to give the dog to gnaw hard toys and bones. Best of all this time, your pet is suitable for toys made of soft rubber, and also woven from soft threads. In specialized stores you can pick up special bones, which will be an excellent toy during the change of your puppy's milk teeth. As for food, it is best to give soft ribs so that the dog can gnaw them without any problems. If you want to pamper your pet with a big bone, it is best if this bone is a soft toy.
Do not pull toys out of the mouth of the dog until the teeth are completely replaced. Also it is not necessary to play with the dog in the belt during the teeth change. As a result, you can just spoil the bite, which is very difficult to restore in the future. To loosen teeth today, pet shop sellers can advise you on a huge selection of toys.

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Pets: when puppies change teeth

Tips for teething puppies
Pets: when puppies change teeth

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