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Perfect marriage

According to statistics, loyalty is best observed by those couples who met with the help of friends. Another important detail is the time that has passed from the beginning of the relationship to the registration of the marriage. This is the period for which young people get to know each other, become closer and, ultimately, decide to tie their destinies forever. Therefore, do not neglect this time, sometimes, when it seems that you know a person well enough, you think that you have already gone inside his house, but in fact you are just standing near the entrance, lighting a match and asking if there is anyone inside. According to statistics, it is precisely those relationships that last about three years before marriage have a happy continuation in the future, therefore, you should never hurry, especially when it comes to such an important decision as choosing a partner for life.

Scientists also indicate the ideal age difference for the bride and groom. The guy should be about two years older than the bride, and the ideal age for marriage is 31 years.Although, of course, such details are a very individual thing.

As for the subsequent life of two, then there are very important little things. After the passion and fervor passes, it is very important to maintain the marriage bond with the warmth of love and tenderness. Romance in marriage should always be present. Love is manifested in surprises that should be regularly made to each other, hugs, kisses and daily declarations of love. It is important to keep in touch with your soul mate every day when the husband and wife are not together he needs to communicate with messages and calls.

People connected by marriage, should relax together during the holidays, arrange romantic evenings for each other and celebrate holidays together. But we should not forget that we need some independence, about two times a month, spouses should spend time separately from each other, have a rest, meet friends, the main thing is not to go too far with isolation.

But babies are better to start giving birth two years after marriage. The child should not attract all the attention to himself, making the spouses far from each other, but strengthen and unite the family.

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Perfect marriage

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