How to sell handmade products

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Online store of goods for hand-made

Online store of goods for hand-made

She started soap-making recently, while as an experiment. I order components for soap both in Russian and in foreign online stores, several times I was in the Moscow offline branch of the online store I liked the choice and quite low prices. Repeatedly took the bases for soap, flavors and dyes.
Did not like the choice of other products for creativity. In my opinion, if there is actually no assortment, then it is not worth offering goods for scrapbooking or quilling. Although something still bought.
There are actual and online shopping.
Delivery is free when ordering from 2000 rubles.
Large selection of products for soap.
Poor selection of products for hand-made.

Video: {HINDI} sell handmade, homemade items online in india || art and craft || how to sell handicraft ✔✔

SELLING IT! Handmade Items on Etsy? Craft Fairs? Is it Worth It? $$$ | LIVE SHOW | SEWING REPORT
Online store of goods for hand-made

Starting a handmade business - creative business - how to - wahm - shop - craft
Online store of goods for hand-made

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