Old New Year: some historical background

Old New Year is called otherwise the New Year by the old style. The celebration of the onset of the new year is due to the difference in the calendars. The system calendar has its own history.

In the year 46 BC, all the countries forming the Great Roman Empire began to live according to a new calendar, approved by Guy Julius Caesar. He was called "Julian." In modern times, Russia lives precisely on this calendar.

The year consisted of 362.25 days, and its beginning coincided with the entry of the consuls into office - January 1. The First Ecumenical Council, convened in 325, approved the Julian calendar. From now on, the life of the Christian Church proceeded in accordance with the Julian calendar.

After 1600 years, Gregory XIII reformed the calendar. In 1582, the Gregorian calendar was introduced. He took into account the errors of the old. According to the new calendar, the year was 362.2425 days, that is, it turned out to be shorter.When recalculating revealed a difference of 13 days. According to this calendar, the Russian Orthodox Church is now living.

Thus, one more holiday has entered the calendar grid - the New Year according to the old style - Old New Year, which has become incredibly popular in Russia, especially among believers, as it gives them the opportunity to fully enjoy the New Year holiday after Lent.

It turns out that the Old New Year is the New Year according to the Gregorian calendar. It should be noted that in Russia there was a time when the New Year was celebrated on September 1, then under Peter I they switched to January 1 in the Julian style, then the transition to the Gregorian calendar, which the Orthodox Russian Church still adheres to, was realized.

After the 1917 revolution, it was again decided to return to the Julian calendar and celebrate the New Year on January 1. At the same time, the Orthodox celebration of the New Year’s meeting remains on January 14th. So it turned out that the state New Year in modern times is January 1, and the old church day is the 14th day of this month.

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Old New Year: some historical background

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